Sunday, May 1, 2011


Are you a fan of TNT’s SouthLAnd? We are too. We've been somewhat frustrated by information about the show being scattered over the internet on various sites. So we're trying to compile as much information as we can so that fans like you and us have a central location to read about our favorite show.

We plan to post pictures, video, and articles about the show and its actors.  We are working on photo galleries for each character/actor as well.  As the site grows we will be adding links that will lead to even more great SouthLAnd information.

We are thinking about having a Trivia contest at some point; but plans have not been finalized.  Since most of you, like us, watch the episodes multiple times; this should be a fun way to demonstrate what a hard-core fan you are.

We know many of us have wanted to purchase SouthLAnd items, but the only item available from TNT has been a Season 1 DVD.  So we had a friend make a couple of designs for some merchandise with some of our favorite quotes.   

We’re going to start with just the two designs; “Look sharp. Act sharp. Be sharp.” And “Google it Boot.”  If you would like to make suggestions for other quotes; send them to us at the email address under the "About Us" tab above.  Click here to look and/or purchase.  Very little profit will be made on this merchandise and any profit over an accumulated $30 will be donated to an LAPD charity, The Los Angeles Police Memorial Foundation.  or  

If you find items about anything related to SouthLAnd, send us an email at the address under the "About Us" tab above and we will post it – crediting you for the find, of course.

Also, please comment below with any suggestions, questions, blog feedback, etc.

We hope you enjoy this site.

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