Tuesday, December 27, 2011

The 2011 top five moments of season three SouthLAnd

As the end of 2011 approaches, the SouthLAnd First team has selected it's top five moments from season three SouthLAnd.

Here are our choices:

5. Ben learns his mother's secret. "Discretion" 3x03
The seemingly entire basis for Sherman's career choice is thrown into question as he learns what he thought was his mother's rape may have been consensual sex.

4. Sammy goes back on the street. "Graduation Day" 3x10
After his partner's death & facing the prospect of fatherhood, Sammy decides to transfer from the detective squad to being back on the "beat" where he feels he can make more of a contribution to the force.

3. Lydia's former partner's betrayal. "Sideways" 3x07
Russell sells pictures of a crime scene taken from Lydia's cell phone to a tabloid for $500.000. Clearly signaling the end of their long, trusted friendship.

2. Coop enters the hospital for rehab & surgery. "Graduation Day" 3x10
We learn John Cooper cannot continue to be Superman; he must confront his back pain & addiction & the possibility of losing his career as an FTO (Field Training Officer).

1. Nate is killed. "Code Four" 3x04
A fairly routine gang encounter results in death. Shocking, brutal, and forever changing the series.

Please feel free to leave a comment, disagree, or add your selections.

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  1. Season 3 had some great moments but Nate's death tops the list for me.

  2. The pivotal moment to me is the one that led to #2 listed above. Cooper confronting his addiction was spurred by (and may not have happened without) a more drastic confrontation by his boot, his pupil, his partner and friend, Ben. That moment was truely Ben Sherman's "graduation". That sickening moment of realization that indeed, the emperor has no clothes. Summoning the courage to confront his idol, his mentor, the man he'd revered all this time and force him to look in the mirror and see what he'd refused to see was the most poignant of all.