Monday, February 13, 2012

"Legacy" preview - Air date Feb. 14

Episode five delivers, SouthLAnd style. One immediately sees the touch of veteran SouthLAnd writer Heather Zuhlke and director Jimmy Muro; both their writing and directing styles being very distinctive.

The episode is seamless and has an easy flow of telling the stories. Here are some insights into what you can expect to see:

1) Not much is left to the imagination involving Sammy's physique. After showering, he just can't seem to find a towel.

2) There are a series of very interesting practical jokes played between Ben and Sammy. Very interesting. And Ben has a hysterical encounter with a self proclaimed descendent of a munchkin from the Wizard of Oz. Just watch.

3) The episode is John Cooper centric (He's the seventh oldest cop on patrol) and we will get a glimpse into the legacy he will leave the LAPD. Michael Cudlitz is mesmerizing. Again, just watch.

4) Lydia and Ruben investigate what is a perceived home invasion that takes a dramatic and sad turn. And Ruben is not buying Lydia's denials about her pregnancy.

5) Dewey is his usual raucous self but, we see his very tender side at the end of the episode.

Highlight quote: " I'm hormonal and I got a gun. Don't mess with me." ~ Lydia

Another stellar episode. Be sure and tune in Tuesdays on TNT at 10E/9C. You'll be impressed. And you'll be back for more.

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