Thursday, March 22, 2012

SouthLAnd Episode 4.10 "Thursday" Review

After a couple of years on the job, every cop has to make a decision about what kind of cop they’re going to be.  The time has come for Officer Ben Sherman to decide.
Sammy’s trying his best to help Ben, but Ben’s just not listening.  Ben isn’t listening to anyone.  Cooper told him during his training that he had to let things go.  Ben’s response was, “I can’t.”  Even Ferguson is telling him not to go there.  But no one is going to divert him from his personal mission.  He is so involved in doing the right thing for Daniela, that he is choking up almost crying when he puts her on the bus.  Who will be the lucky recipient of his next mission?

I don’t think Ben planted a gun on Ronnie. He didn’t have the time from when Ferguson heard the shot to when Ferguson could see Ben.  I think Ben’s biggest transgression was to maneuver himself into a position where he could take an in-policy shot.  But regardless of whether you think Ben planted the gun or not, he still killed Ronnie.  And it was completely pre-meditated.  So we now know what kind of cop Ben has chosen to be.
The scene with Lydia and the little girl who had been burned was very emotional.  We didn’t even hear the words but we knew how much Lydia was affected.  Until then, Lydia was all about staying on the job for the duration of her pregnancy.  But now, Lydia finally realizes how much her job might influence her baby and decides to stay home for the remainder of her pregnancy.  Wonder if she will return to police work if she’s that concerned about it?  Lydia’s talk with Terrell was very interesting.  That Terrell’s first response is to ask Lydia if he should talk to his wife about this is unexpected.  He seems to be putting Lydia above his wife.  And willing to bring this explosive matter into his marriage.  This is Lydia’s second major relationship with a married man.  She told the dying witness in Season Three’s “Sideways” about an affair with her married TO.  Is Lydia subconsciously choosing (unavailable) married men?  Even Rodrigo would classify as unavailable since he was her former partner’s son.
What a turnaround for Tang.  At the beginning of the season, she told Cooper she chose him because he was “squared away” (by-the-book).  It seems she values that in partners, but not in herself.  There are three situations where she did not follow police procedure (that we know of):  when she allowed the big, tall guy to get close enough to give her a vicious beating; when she removed the orange tip of the toy gun; and when she put her partner in danger at the car wash.  She’s not as good an officer as she thinks she is.

Cooper has lost all trust in Tang and trust is everything to a cop.  Despite lying to FID, Tang has been promoted to Sergeant.  During their last shift together, Tang is going on her Farewell Tour 2012.  How Cooper kept from throwing her phone/camera at her when she requested a picture with the Hollywood sign in the background, I don’t know.  At Tang’s farewell party, Cooper can’t find anything to say about her and he looks on with disgust as Sergeant Hill talks about what a great cop Tang is.  As Cooper leaves, Tang confronts him about not saying anything in her honor.  He talks about how she screwed up at the car wash, but she doesn’t see it that way.  She defends herself about the shooting where she removed the orange tip on the toy gun and says it was the right decision.  To which Cooper says, “For you.”  Tang then compares his drug rehab to her lying about the toy gun.  Cooper’s response to her is phenomenal.  “We are not the same,” and “I was an addict.  I am an addict.” The scene ends when Tang throws the orange tip of the toy gun at Cooper.  The fact that she was carrying it around with her means she hasn’t let the incident go, either.

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