Friday, March 9, 2012

SouthLAnd Episode 4.8 "God's Work"

Cops are often asked if they believe they’re doing God’s Work.  Officer Ben Sherman is just trying to do the job without losing his soul.
Ben is once again trying to save the world.  Female by female.  How many times have we heard Cooper tell Ben, “You can’t save everyone.”  Or,  “You have to let it go”.  Even Sammy has said this to Ben.  But apparently it’s just not sticking.  Ben continues to put his career on the line with his savior tendencies.  And he’s bringing his partners along with him.  Cooper has also given Ben the “I’ll back you up as long as it doesn’t land me in jail or cost me my job” speech several times.  Sammy added to it in this episode.  Is Ben really hearing it?

Cooper finally gets to drive! Yay!  But Cooper is still upset over Tang’s suspected action during her in-policy shooting of the teenage boy. He knows she is squared-away, but the fact that she may have taken the orange tip off the gun is truly bothering him.  So much so, that he sees his sponsor twice in a day.  I’m kinda surprised that Cooper is going to meetings.  He doesn’t seem to be the kind of guy that would talk about his problems, much less talk about them to strangers.  I really like the actor that plays the sponsor.  “God grant us the serenity to accept what we cannot change.”  The gay bar didn’t look as happening this season as in the past - and no hot bartenders either. 

Lydia is once again involved in a case involving children. Both her mother and Ruben are letting their feelings be known about parenthood.  And finally her mother lets us know who the father is.  Terrell from episode 2 of the first season.  He was on maybe 2 minutes at the very end of the show.  Although Lydia had his picture on her desk for at least the first season, I never gave a thought to him being the daddy.

I would really like to see Cooper and Sherman in a scene together before the season ends.  They need to resolve whatever issue is between them and maybe support each other with their individual issues.

I think i know why I'm having a hard time writing the review for this episode.  First - enough with the Lydia pregnancy storyline where her every case has a point to make about babies/parenthood/pregnancy.  Second -  I don't understand what's going on with either Sherman or Cooper. I know that their backgrounds/histories are pushing what they're going through. But it seems like their reactions are out of proportion to what's happening. Or not. I just don't know.

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