Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Season four behind the scenes pictures

This album contains pictures taken during the preparation and filming of season four SouthLAnd.  It includes some pictures involving the cast outside of filming. The pics have been gathered from around the net since October, 2011 and is perhaps the most comprehensive on the web. Enjoy!

BTS pic album

Our photo gallery, as stated on our site, is a work in progress. We will have complete updates and additional albums very soon!

Thursday, May 17, 2012

SouthLAnd S4 Notable Quotes Episodes 6-10

Episode 6

Cooper:  Do I think my partner should have tackled her? Nah. She should have shot her.
Tang:  Hey zip it up or I'll zip it for you and I'm not careful.
Sammy:  So was it blondie last night or her more homely friend. 
Ben: Both.
Lydia:  I haven't pulled on a uniform since we could still carry Mag lights.
Cooper:  You stay behind us. No body gets hurt today. That's the rule.

Episode 7
Tang:  Did they check you for rabies? You never know.
Cooper:  You slammed him up against his car for losing his keys.
Ben:  I’m sorry I don’t live up to the standards set by your old partner; but I’m just about out of sorries.  Savor this one; it’s the last one you’re going to get.
Tang:  He would have been a real bastard if he left me while I was in traction.
Cooper:  I’d rather do shots of battery acid, than spend the night with some of those guys.

Sammy:  Some guys you just can't trust.

Ben:  I even got my Costco card. You can't get more all in than that.
Lydia:  Is that your car in the driveway?  When’s the last time you drove it?
Old woman:  When I went to vote for Obama.
Cooper:  You're not doing anything to dispel the Asian driver stereotype.
Ben:  Let me tell you, her downward dog is amazing.

Episode 8
Dewey:  You leave your gun in Mickie D's bathroom? Somebody use it to shoot up the mayor?
Sammy:   Gotta wear your uniform down here - blood, crip, vato, priest, cop. If people don't know what gang your from, you're just a victim down here.

Ruben:  She managed to get some very interesting angles with her iPhone.

Sammy:  Got to love a pimp. Always looking out for the bottom line.

Ben:  Who wants to go to jail? Who wants to go home?
Sammy:  You’re my partner.  I’ll back you up punch for punch; bullet for bullet.  But I’m not giving my house.  I’m not giving my pension.  And I’m not giving my freedom.  Don’t ever do something like that again.
Ruben:  Bottom line, don’t have a kid if nobody has time to raise it.

Sammy:  If people don't know what gang you're from you're just a victim, down here.

Lydia:  Gallows humor. Whatever gets you through it, I guess.

Episode 9
Lydia:  You're a handsome kid and that's a good thing everywhere except prison.
Cooper:  So why don’t I come on over to your house and take a shit on your pillow.  Would that be Okay since it’s biodegradable?
Sammy:  If I dress like you maybe I can have a threesome with some zoo animals.

Fighting couple man:  You never said the safety word!
Fighting couple woman:  I was yelling cheetah hard as I could!
Fighting couple man:  Why would you be saying cheetah when that was last week’s safety word?  This week’s is puma.
Tang:  I made sergeant.
Golf ball man to Cooper:  Is she your boss now?
Ben:  Is the divorcee make over officially underway?
Sammy:  I’ve been in your shoes and I know where it leads.  Now please take my advice and stop.

Lydia:  Give any knucklehead enough ammo and they'll hit something.
Cooper:  An asshole with a small carbon footprint is still an asshole.
Dewey:  He’s an artist like Picasso with eel.

Episode 10
Cooper:  It's the rent we pay for our room on this planet.
Ben:  Sooner or later the streets are going to eat you.
Lydia:  Terrell I’m not here to blow up your life.
Cooper:  What?  Now you’re a circus act?
Ferguson:  What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice.

Cooper:  Are you serious? This kid already gets an A in asshole and he's not even out of puberty.

Tang:  Thirteen years patrolling. I might just miss this freak show.
Cooper:  Don’t try to compare me to you cause we are not the same.

Sammy:  Let me help you work your way through it. I feel like I let you down.
Tang:  Some of you may have heard some nicknames for me -  Pootie Tang, Wu Tang, Joy Luck, Hollywood.  From now on I’m going to be Sergeant Tang.
Cooper:  I was an addict.  I AM an addict.  I was weak and I will never forgive myself.  But I am fighting every goddamn day to fix it.
Tang:  Who the fuck are you?  God?

SouthLAnd S4 Notable Quotes Episodes 1-5

Episode 1  
Sammy:  I don't thing your Pilates teacher's opinion should get more weight than the surgeon general.
Tang:  Gonna shoot out the tires, TJ Hooker?
Cooper:  OK.  You can go home with a ticket or you can go to jail with my foot in your ass.
Mother of son who was pulled over for texting while driving:  It’s going to take Jesus and two more white folks to keep me from kicking your ass.
Dewey:  Just head into the light, brother. Oh that's right there is no light where he's headed.

Cooper:  I can see why you'd prefer jail.
Dewey:  Now that’s an appropriate resting place for that piece of shit.
Ferguson:  Dalai Lama with a gun and a badge.
Lydia:  You know what man.  People have a choice; no matter what hand you’re dealt.  You can either rise above, or drown.  The choice is yours.  Can’t nobody make it for you.
Lydia:  I guess she finally got to see the ocean.
Episode 2   
Captain:  Mickie D's needs all the help they can get. The McRib is back.

Sammy:  He's an OG with stripes on his arms.  Our job just got harder.
Lydia:  We have to speak for the dead whether they deserve it or not.

Ben:  Ma'am?  We have your cat.
Captain:  And we kick ass until we smell shit.
Tang:  Ding Dong.  This is some strange shit right here.

Officer Jones:  Grambo ain't no joke.
Lydia:  Guilt never surprises me. Only innocence does.
Sammy:  It's a shame to break this up. I feel like the father in Footloose.

Ben:  She's not dead.  None of our guys are hurt.  It's a good day.

Tang:  My sister would give her left arm for that bag.
Dewey:  It looks like somebody already did.
Cooper:  Full moon in broad daylight.  How’s it hanging sir?

Lydia:  If criminals were smart, we'd be out of a job.
Officer Jones:  How can you sit so comfortably with balls that big?
Dewey:  Kinda like riding a moped.  It’s fun as hell until someone catches you on one.
Episode 3   
Cooper:  You know my old partner? He would have jumped.

Sammy:  I got a Costco, a Walmart, and K-mart all within a square mile.

Ben:  It's not everyday a murder scene turns into a block party. 
Sammy:  Parking enforcement's on the warpath.

Tang:  This is on us.
Cooper:  No.  It’s always gonna end this way.

Episode 4   
Ben:  I thought you had a dog?
Sammy:  My ex has him, along with my kid and everything else.

Cooper:  No! No! No! All right.  No coffee places with names involving metaphors, jokes, or any word play whatsoever.  No Sufficient Grounds.  No Sacred Grounds.  No Espresso Yourself.
Crazy Bob:  I’m invisible!  You can’t see me!  (Cooper grabs him)  You CAN see me!

Cooper:  How's the fake ID business going?  Still going strong?

Sammy:  You need to be with your people.  Your people.  In the high desert baby.  Land of the blue.

Episode 5   
Cooper:  I got a lot of problems, kid. Being gay isn't one of them.
Tang:  It's important to celebrate people while they're still here.

Lydia:  I'm hormonal and I've got a gun. Don't mess with me.
Cooper:  Jesus Christ is your son?  You must be very proud.
Sammy:  Pranking is an art form. You need to leave it to the pros.
Cooper:  I’m not leaving until I get six stripes.  Plus one day.

Ruben:  Take your time. They'll still be dead when we get there.

Ben:  Badge bunnies are predators. I don't go after them. They come after me.
Cooper:  You can be who you are without making yourself a walking target.
Cooper:  You didn’t do anything wrong, Michael.  You’re not the problem, they are.
Cooper:  It will get better.  I DO know; it’s going to get better.  I know Mike.
Cooper:  This isn’t the answer.  You’re better than they are.  Stronger.  You can’t let ‘em win.  You gotta fight, Mike.  You gotta fight every day.


Watch for Episodes 6-10 coming this Tuesday.

Saturday, May 5, 2012

Michael Cudlitz Responds to SouthLAnd Renewal

We asked Michael Cudlitz for his reaction to the renewal of SouthLAnd and this was his response:

"Thank you all for your patience. SouthLAnd has been officially renewed for a 5th season. It might be for only 10 episodes but we will take 'em. We all love making this show and are so very proud of it. We are also very proud of our fans that have fought tirelessly for SouthLAnd from day one. Again, thank you...... Now let's go kick some ass" 

Thanks, Michael, for taking time out of your hectic schedule to answer our request for a renewal response.

Friday, May 4, 2012


From Turner Newsroom:


"We are very proud of Southland and grateful to everyone involved in the series, including executive producers John Wells, Chris Chulack and Jonathan Lisco; creator Ann Biderman; and our partners at Warner Bros. Television. We look forward to going deeper into the lives of Southland‘s extraordinary characters and the streets they struggle to keep safe next year.
Michael Wright
President, Head of Programming
TNT, TBS, Turner Classic Movies (TCM)"

Congrats to the entire SouthLAnd cast & crew on it's fifth season!