Thursday, May 17, 2012

SouthLAnd S4 Notable Quotes Episodes 6-10

Episode 6

Cooper:  Do I think my partner should have tackled her? Nah. She should have shot her.
Tang:  Hey zip it up or I'll zip it for you and I'm not careful.
Sammy:  So was it blondie last night or her more homely friend. 
Ben: Both.
Lydia:  I haven't pulled on a uniform since we could still carry Mag lights.
Cooper:  You stay behind us. No body gets hurt today. That's the rule.

Episode 7
Tang:  Did they check you for rabies? You never know.
Cooper:  You slammed him up against his car for losing his keys.
Ben:  I’m sorry I don’t live up to the standards set by your old partner; but I’m just about out of sorries.  Savor this one; it’s the last one you’re going to get.
Tang:  He would have been a real bastard if he left me while I was in traction.
Cooper:  I’d rather do shots of battery acid, than spend the night with some of those guys.

Sammy:  Some guys you just can't trust.

Ben:  I even got my Costco card. You can't get more all in than that.
Lydia:  Is that your car in the driveway?  When’s the last time you drove it?
Old woman:  When I went to vote for Obama.
Cooper:  You're not doing anything to dispel the Asian driver stereotype.
Ben:  Let me tell you, her downward dog is amazing.

Episode 8
Dewey:  You leave your gun in Mickie D's bathroom? Somebody use it to shoot up the mayor?
Sammy:   Gotta wear your uniform down here - blood, crip, vato, priest, cop. If people don't know what gang your from, you're just a victim down here.

Ruben:  She managed to get some very interesting angles with her iPhone.

Sammy:  Got to love a pimp. Always looking out for the bottom line.

Ben:  Who wants to go to jail? Who wants to go home?
Sammy:  You’re my partner.  I’ll back you up punch for punch; bullet for bullet.  But I’m not giving my house.  I’m not giving my pension.  And I’m not giving my freedom.  Don’t ever do something like that again.
Ruben:  Bottom line, don’t have a kid if nobody has time to raise it.

Sammy:  If people don't know what gang you're from you're just a victim, down here.

Lydia:  Gallows humor. Whatever gets you through it, I guess.

Episode 9
Lydia:  You're a handsome kid and that's a good thing everywhere except prison.
Cooper:  So why don’t I come on over to your house and take a shit on your pillow.  Would that be Okay since it’s biodegradable?
Sammy:  If I dress like you maybe I can have a threesome with some zoo animals.

Fighting couple man:  You never said the safety word!
Fighting couple woman:  I was yelling cheetah hard as I could!
Fighting couple man:  Why would you be saying cheetah when that was last week’s safety word?  This week’s is puma.
Tang:  I made sergeant.
Golf ball man to Cooper:  Is she your boss now?
Ben:  Is the divorcee make over officially underway?
Sammy:  I’ve been in your shoes and I know where it leads.  Now please take my advice and stop.

Lydia:  Give any knucklehead enough ammo and they'll hit something.
Cooper:  An asshole with a small carbon footprint is still an asshole.
Dewey:  He’s an artist like Picasso with eel.

Episode 10
Cooper:  It's the rent we pay for our room on this planet.
Ben:  Sooner or later the streets are going to eat you.
Lydia:  Terrell I’m not here to blow up your life.
Cooper:  What?  Now you’re a circus act?
Ferguson:  What do you tell a woman with two black eyes? Nothing, you already told her twice.

Cooper:  Are you serious? This kid already gets an A in asshole and he's not even out of puberty.

Tang:  Thirteen years patrolling. I might just miss this freak show.
Cooper:  Don’t try to compare me to you cause we are not the same.

Sammy:  Let me help you work your way through it. I feel like I let you down.
Tang:  Some of you may have heard some nicknames for me -  Pootie Tang, Wu Tang, Joy Luck, Hollywood.  From now on I’m going to be Sergeant Tang.
Cooper:  I was an addict.  I AM an addict.  I was weak and I will never forgive myself.  But I am fighting every goddamn day to fix it.
Tang:  Who the fuck are you?  God?

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