Thursday, October 4, 2012

Season four review continues: Dewey

As we continue our review of season four in preparation for season five, this post examines the character of Bill "Dewey" Dudek, portrayed by legendary actor C. Thomas Howell. Dewey has been the character since season one you love to hate (or you at least find him annoying or not at all politically correct) but you are still  amused, shocked or most certainly entertained by his antics. 

Concerning season four Dewey...

Favorite production still 

From "Identity" 4.04

Favorite quote

"Fat chicks are awesome. It's kinda like riding a moped. It's fun as hell until someone catches you on one."
~ Underwater 4.02

Best comedic moment

Dewey has SO many but if we have to choose, our choice is the scene in the porn shop with Officers Cooper & Tang as Dewey explains his love for the "BBWs"...Big, Beautiful Women. "Tig Ole Bitties!"

Best dramatic moment

"Uncle Dewey" giving his best advice to officer Tang before she is set to appear before the Board of Rights concerning her shooting of a teen.

Favorite scene

Again, a very difficult choice but we choose Dewey talking to the camera crew in "Integrity Check"


Dewey appeared in seven of the 10 episodes. His presence was missed in the other three. C Thomas delivers in every scene our beloved Dewey; whether that be the recovering alcoholic or sarcastic, annoying, angry or deep down heart of gold Dewey. Our hope is to see him in every episode in season five. Well done, C. Thomas Howell. You've been outstanding  in every season of SouthLAnd!


  1. I was saddened to find out that in the episode where Sherman goes after the pimp who plowed into his patrol car, Dewey was supposed to ride with him during the search. But because he was out of the country and couldn't make the filming, they brought back Lou Diamond Phillips. Nothing against LDP, but Dewey would have killed that scene. And honestly, I think he's my favorite character. He kinda reminds me of me.

    1. We love Dewey as well. Yes, he was missed in the season finale. Thanks for commenting.

  2. Excellent article on Dewey. He is by far my favorite character on the show.

  3. Thanks so much and thanks for commenting. As we said, we hope to see Dewey in every episode next season.

  4. Great job! Can never have too much Dewey!!