Thursday, January 31, 2013

SouthLAnd Intro Contest!

Win SouthLAnd prizes with the first of two contests before the Season 5 Premiere!

Below is a list of episode intros from all four seasons.  Below that are the answers to choose from.  However, to make it a little more difficult; there are more answers than intros.

In order to enter, email us at with your answers.  Put Intros Contest in the subject line. Simply put the number of the intro and the letter of its matching episode.  Ex:  1-z, 2-y, 3-x, etc.

If there is more than one entry with all the correct answers, the winner will be selected in a random drawing.

Contest runs until midnight, Eastern time zone, Saturday February 2nd.

Prizes:  Season 1 DVD, a pen and magnet from the LAPD police academy gift shop, a signed promotional picture of C. Thomas Howell, and an initialed promo picture signed by Michael Cudlitz. 

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Good Luck Everyone!

1.  The city of Los Angeles is made up of over one hundred separate and distinct ethnic, racial, and religious communities.  LA cops have to navigate all of them if they want to survive.

2.  Officer John Cooper knows, and Ben Sherman will learn, that sometimes you see things as a cop that nobody should see.

3.  Police officers often find themselves frustrated by the limitations of the legal system.  Sometimes cops have to improvise.

4.  Holiday weekends are notoriously busy for the police.  Our officers had made plans for the weekend, but they were derailed.

5.  All cops have to make judgment calls they hope they won’t regret.  No cop ever bats a thousand.

6.  The average street cop in Los Angeles makes $75,000 a year.  It’s not enough.

 7.  Three officers started out the day thinking they had nothing in common.  By the end of shift, two of them found out this was not true.

 8.  Every victim has a story.  Detective Lydia Adams has seen this one before.

A.  Derailed 
B.  Mozambique
C.  See the Woman
D.  Two Gangs
E.  Phase Three
F.  Butch & Sundance
G.  Maximum Deployment
H.  The Runner
I.   Punching Water
J.  Discretion
K.  Sideways
L.  Let It Snow
M.  Identity
N.  Community 
O.  Legacy
P.   Integrity Check

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