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Southland Timeline - Season Four

Season Four

There is a new and improved Officer Cooper.

Cooper’s new partner is Officer Jessica Tang (Lucy Liu).

Ben and Sammy are now partners.

Lydia has a new partner, Detective Ruben Robinson (Dorian Missick).

Lou Diamond Phillips guest stars as Ferguson; a jaded, cynical, patrol officer.

Lydia has some problems with a former CI.  The CI was moved out of town for her own safety, but keeps coming back for drugs.

Shootout at the Alvarado Division station.  Ferguson is wounded and the station is shot up.

While trying to clear out some teenage kids from a parking lot, Ben is hit and spit on by a couple of teenage girls.  Ben, in turn, hits one of the girls with his fist.

Lydia:  “Guilt never surprises me; only innocence does."

A man gets overheated in an adult XXX store and runs out of the store on fire.  Tang, Cooper, and Dewey investigate.  Dewey can’t hold back.  He tells Cooper and Tang his preferences:  BBWs with “tig ole bitties” and compares them to mopeds, “They’re a lot of fun until someone sees you on one.”

A child molester complains to Cooper and Tang that his neighborhood is harassing him.

It’s Hood Day and Captain Rucker wants all his police officers to observe only and no dinky arrests.

A man is taking advantage of Jewish families and burglarizing their homes on Saturday.

Lydia and Ruben investigate the murder of a Hispanic lawyer who is doing fraudulent loan consolidations for her local Hispanic community.

Ben, Sammy, and 2 other patrol officers eat at El Siete.

Sammy keeps trying to get Ben to move to Castaic.

Lydia is pregnant.  And from here on out, every storyline that she’s involved with revolves around kids or pregnancies.

Cooper and Tang help a homeless Marine.

Ben chases a suspect and Sammy shoots a dog, thinking it was the suspect.

Sammy, Ben, Dewey, and one other cop have lunch at El Siete.

Tang and Cooper investigate a body on the railroad tracks.  The county is arguing that the city is responsible and Cooper is arguing that the county is responsible.  Meanwhile, Tang is arguing on the phone trying to get the homeless Marine some help.  Seeing and hearing Tang on the phone, the county officers decide they would rather take care of the body.

Cooper says he wants to retire with six stripes (30 years) plus one day.

Ben and Sammy trade pranks throughout the episode.

Tang and Cooper talk to a woman on the side of the street who flags them down.  Mary says her son J.C. has been abducted and she doesn’t know where he’s been taken. “Your son is Jesus Christ?  You must be very proud.”

Cooper tries to talk down a gay teenage possible jumper.  Cooper tells the kid that he himself is gay and encourages the kid, “It gets better.”  The kid jumps anyway, but Cooper catches him by one leg, and with the help of Tang and others, he manages to pull the kid back onto the roof.

Cooper:  “I got a lot of problems kid.  Being gay isn’t one of them.”

Despite Cooper’s strong displeasure; Tang and Cooper have a documentary crew riding  around with them.

Dewey, Cooper, and Tang respond to a woman in a van arguing with her husband.  When they get there, the husband is pulled aside, and the woman bumps the patrol car with her van.  Dewey tries to get the woman out when she jumps out with a knife in her hand.  She brandishes the knife and Tang tackles her.  Unfortunately the knife is caught under the woman and impales her stomach.

After chasing a suspect, Lydia collapses in an alley.

Ben accuses Sammy of planting evidence.

Cooper is severely injured when a suspect jumps him and tries to eat through his neck.

Tang shoots an innocent kid who was playing with a toy gun with an orange tip.  As she assesses the kid, she removes the orange tip from the gun.

Cooper suspects that Tang removed the orange tip, but he didn’t see it; so frustratingly  there’s nothing he can say or do.  This weighs on Cooper heavily.

Since Ben accused Sammy of planting evidence, Sammy has given Ben the cold shoulder.  Ben is frustrated with this and asks Sammy when he’s going to stop the cold shoulder treatment.

The weight of not being able to correct Tang’s mistake is causing Cooper a lot of stress and he wants to turn back to drugs.  But he talks to his AA sponsor, who helps to calm him down.  

Ben gets involved with trying to help hooker Amber and her teenage daughter, Daniella.

Ben beats up pimp Ronnie.

Cooper:  “An asshole with a small carbon footprint is still an asshole.

Lydia is attacked while searching an abandoned house.

Cooper and Tang have to go back before the FID when the kid that Tang shot wakes up.     Cooper is sure that Tang is guilty of removing the toy gun’s tip; but she still tells FID it wasn’t there.  They are both silent in the patrol car afterwards.

Pimp Ronnie pulls up beside Ben and Sammy’s patrol car and starts shooting.  Ronnie chases them, shooting all the time.  Ben and Sammy slide into an intersection where another car T-bones them on Sammy’s side.  Ronnie drives away.

Ben visits Sammy in the hospital.  Sammy is afraid of what Ben will do with the whole Amber/Daniella/Ronnie situation and pleads with him to not go back to patrol yet.  But Ben is determined to save Daniella.

With Sammy in the hospital, Ben is paired up with Ferguson.

Ben takes Daniella to Children of the Night.

Ferguson begins to see that Ben is on a mission.

Ben goes to Amber to get her to tell him where Ronnie is.  He tells her he has Daniella and if she doesn’t tell him where Ronnie is...Amber says, “What? You’ll hurt her?  You’re a cop.”

Lydia goes to the hospital to interview a small girl who has burns over most of her body and probably will not live.  This really affects Lydia and makes her realize she doesn’t want to expose her baby to a lot of things that cops do.  She takes a letter from her doctor to Fernandez stating she is to stay home for the duration of her pregnancy.

Tang and Cooper go to a car wash where a robbery is in progress.  Tang proves again that she is reckless and Cooper has to cover her.  Not that Tang sees it that way.

Ben puts Daniella on a bus to Corpus Christie.

At the bar where Tang’s promotion party is being held; Tang and Cooper have it out ending with Tang throwing the orange tip she removed from the gun at Cooper while yelling, “Who the fuck are you? God?”

Lydia tells Terrell that her baby is his.

Ben chases Ronnie on foot and shoots him.  The shooting takes place off camera and lets the viewer decide what happened.  When other officers arrive on the scene, Ferguson backs up Ben even though he didn’t see what happened.  “Asshole pulled a gun.”

Ben goes to Amber and tells her that Daniella is on a bus to Corpus Christie.  And he advises her to do the same.

Tang reports to her job as watch commander.

Cooper has a new boot.

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