Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Southland Timeline - Season One

Season One

FTO Cooper lays the law down to new boot Ben.  “Look sharp.  Act sharp.  Be sharp.”

Dewey says inappropriate things from his first appearance.

Ben faces his first dead body call and has trouble making it through.

Tammy aggravates Sammy with numerous phone calls.

Janilla witnesses a gang shooting and is willing to testify.

At the scene of an unknown trouble call, a banger shoots Dewey; then Ben shoots the banger.

Cooper gives his Greatest Show on Earth speech and questions Ben on whether he really wants to be a cop.

Ben comforts the sister of the boy who got shot.  The sister asks Ben if he’s a cop.  Ben hesitates, thinking about what Cooper said and says, “Yeah.  Yeah.”

As Cooper, Chickie, and Ben are patrolling; Ben sees a burglary in progress.  He jumps out of the car and runs off by himself.  He confuses the store owner with the burglar and releases the wrong man.  Fortunately Cooper is waiting outside to catch the burglar and to point out Ben’s errors.

Cooper, Chickie, and Ben find a baby crawling in the street.

Retirement party for Dewey.
Sal is having an affair with a reporter.

Gang members shoot up the house of Janilla’s grandmother.

Lydia visits her (now married) ex-boyfriend Terrell.

Sammy and Nate take Janilla and her grandmother to a hotel.

Cooper warns Ben the he must always know where they are.

Movie star Timmy Davis (Tom Sizemore) is held at gunpoint.

Ben chases men who were trying to extort money from a shop owner.  When reporting in, he states he’s at 132 1/2 Genessee; making a point to Cooper.

Cooper gives fighting couple a divorce.

Cooper and Ben go to rescue Dewey, who is handcuffed to a bed at Timmy Davis’ house.

Cooper and ex-wife Laurie meet for dinner; but it’s just a means for her to give him drugs.

El Siete makes its first appearance of many with Nate and Sammy.

We find out Nate’s sister is actually his daughter.

Sal has a wreck and his gun is stolen.

Cooper and Ben go on numerous “garbage calls”.

Sal breaks up with the reporter.

Ben becomes involved with Daisy.

Lydia starts a relationship with Talib.

Cooper buys drugs at the gay club.

Chickie attempts to turn in Dewey (for being drunk on the job) and Dewey drives to the LA River and crashes.

When Janilla is staying at Lydia’s house; gang members make an attempt on Janilla’s 
life and shoot up Lydia’s house. 

Janilla is placed in witness protection.

Russell is shot when attempting to invite an arguing couple to the neighborhood cookout.

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