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SouthLAnd S5E2 "Heat" review

Being a cop in Los Angeles is different from patrolling other cities.  Not every officer can take the heat.

I just don’t know what to think of Lydia. In episode 2 of the first season, after taking care of a baby, she goes to visit her ex Terrell.  And though he is obviously with another woman now, and has a kid; she still tells Terrell she thinks she made a mistake in letting him go.   Which obviously she didn’t, as she has just had his baby. Even though he is now married.

In last week’s episode, we saw that she was struggling with sleep, nursing, physical endurance, and generally taking care of the baby.  Now this week she has switched the baby to formula and is getting more sleep.  She’s exercising more and she’s on a diet to lose the last of her baby fat.   Ruben gives her a skeptical eye about the formula and advises her not to use the formula with the beetle larvae in it.  Heh.  He gets his point across while still saying it’s her choice.

And has she even called the baby by name?

So last week Cooper loses a boyfriend and this week he gains a girlfriend.  Dude has skillz.

Cooper tries to be authoritative with Amanda; but he just can’t quite make it.  Kids and disadvantaged people of all ages are a weakness for Cooper.  He tells Amanda that her dress is pretty, but she’s not his type.  “It’s your loss!”  Amanda says as she walks off.  Ha!   

Lydia and Ruben’s partnership is firing on all cylinders.  After talking to the wife of a man whose burned body was found in the Hollywood Hills; they leave the building talking about all the reasons the wife is guilty.  They have the crime solved before climbing in their car.

After talking with a WWII P-51pilot who unexpectedly took a wrong turn through a golf course, Steele questions Cooper about his lack of empathy for the old man.  Cooper says, “You think I did it just to be an asshole?”  “Yes, sir,” says Steele.  Snap!

Poor Ben.  Has anyone in his life ever done right by him?  His sisters are clueless after the triple homicide in Hancock Park; his mother is a ditz and tells him to relax and open up; so he opens up to Daisy who stays in touch with her ex while seeing Ben - then goes back to the ex; he sleeps with a girl who wants to be with him because of his youtube video.  Now Mendoza, who arguably is not a good influence, screws him over as well.  Ben needs a good, solid person in his life who will be there for him all the time.

Kiwi Shampoo - cop slang for using their shoes or boots (which they shine with Kiwi brand shoe polish) to kick someone's head.

Cooper takes Steele to get some ice cream.  There is a long line and they have just reached the front.  Cooper orders pistachio nut ice cream for both of them.  A woman at the back of the line keeps giving Cooper disgusted looks; so finally he asks her if he can help her.  She tells him, “While you’re standing around there are crimes being committed.”  Ahhh.  It’s a WWASUHA (woman with a stick up her ass).  She tells him that she pays his salary.  Cooper responds, “You know what ma’am.  Yes you do.”  Sticking an ice cream come in her face, he adds, “You wanna lick?”

I certainly hope we don’t have to hear about Sammy’s custody battle all season.  Sammy’s and Ben’s partnership is not going very smoothly.  And did you notice that subtle dig at Ben?  Sammy says that Mendoza brought his problems on himself.  So Ben asks Sammy if he didn’t want the police looking for who shot him - when he was laying in the hospital.  Sammy answers that that was different, “I didn’t bring that on myself.”  Ouch!  Though it was Ben who brought that on, I don’t think Ben realized the dig.

Cooper and Steele go on a welfare check and discover the WWII pilot they talked to earlier, dead in his house from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.  Steele glares at Cooper.

SouthLAnd always finds such good actors for the secondary roles.  The actor who played Dewain, Amin Joseph, just killed it in his part.  From the arrogant gang member, to the worried Dad whose son was shot.  Great job.

And Derek Ray; who played Cooper’s boot so well.  The boot who could not make the switch from Afghanistan vet to LAPD cop.  The rules of engagement were just too different.

Would a police officer really go in that courtyard alone as Ben did?  It looks like a death trap to me.  Plus he turned his radio down.  Which I'm sure he did so the person he was chasing wouldn't hear it.  It just doesn't seem the smartest thing to do when you're alone and your partner doesn't know where you are.

Mendoza is unapologetic and tries to explain and make excuses for shooting himself, but Ben is not interested in hearing it.  When Mendoza asks him, “You think you’re better than me?”  Ben responds, “You know I am.”

Cooper explains to Steele (like he explained to Tang last season); you have no control over what happens to a suspect after you leave them.  Steele responds, "You don't have to convince me".

Cooper and Steele pull over a car that had almost run down a pedestrian.  As they get out and start walking forward, an old man gets out of the car and starts shooting.  Cooper is hit, but manages to fire back, then radio for help.  He tries to take cover behind the windshield post and the ballistic door panel as the man continues shooting.  When the shooter’s gun jams, Cooper shoots and kills him.  I start breathing again when I realize Cooper’s vest has saved him.  But where is Steele?  Cooper starts yelling for him and I am sure he’s wounded at least, dead at worst.  But no.  Steele is squatting behind the patrol car with his shaking hands covering his ears.  Oh.  Not good.  Now was not the time for an episode of PTSD.  Cops have to trust that their partners will be there for them.  Every. Single. Time.  Steele tries to explain his actions to Cooper and Cooper responds, "You don't have to convince me," as he removes Steele's badge.  Goodbye, Officer Steele.

At the end of his shift, Cooper has changed into his street clothes.  As he walks out, he sees Amanda sitting in the lobby.  He starts to turn away without talking to her, but he’s incapable.  He walks up to her and then sits down wearily next to her on the bench.  Earlier, at the beginning of watch, he stood over her in a very authoritative way.  But now, it’s end of watch.  He’s tired and his body is aching from where he was shot.  There will be a big bruise there later.  So he sits and lets the innate innocence and goodness of Amanda wash over him.

Lydia’s mom is dead.  When Ruben appeared where Lydia was having drinks with friends, I thought it was going to be about the baby.  Realistically I should have thought of the mother first.  Lydia stands in the doorway, crying, and holding her baby, as her Mom’s body is taken away.  What will she do now?  She appears to not be able to take care of the baby on her own.  Will she struggle along?  Or will she turn to Terrell?

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