Saturday, March 9, 2013

SouthLAnd S5E4 "Under the Big Top" Review

They say that working for the LAPD is a ticket to the greatest show on earth.  But it isn’t always easy to get to the front row.

Cooper is showing off a smokin’ body this week.  He also sees himself in a couple of the suspects he interacts with.  First, with the man who shot himself due to the quietness of his house after his wife left.  Then, to the man who had discovered that shooting out windows with a sling shot made him feel again.

At least we didn’t have to deal with Tammy this week.  Just Sammy trying to find the money to make his house safe for his son.  So did he actually take the money from the bank robbery scene, or was that misdirection and he actually got that money elsewhere?

Lydia meets Terrell and they hug like Janilla and Marquise in the first season - trying not to touch bodies. According to Terrell, he’s been in love with Lydia his whole life.  But he was unable to be faithful to her.  And Lydia, despite having been cheated on; has slept with him while he was married, got pregnant, and is raising their son.  People just love to fuck up their lives, don’t they?  Lydia thought that they had an agreement that she would raise the boy; but now that Terrell is getting a divorce he wants to be involved in his son’s life.

At roll call we learn that there’s been several acts of vandalism in the area.  And that there is a guy dry-humping people in the Graumann’s Theater area.  Dewey says that’s called frotteur.  The other officers scoff at Dewey and laugh.  But Dewey’s adamant that that is what it is called.  Somehow, I think Dewey knows what a lot of deviant behavior is called.

Frotteur:  a person who derives sexual pleasure or gratification from rubbing, especially the genitals, against another person, usually in a crowd. 

Cooper and Lucero go to an ADW call and discover it’s someone butchering a goat in the bathtub.  Afterwards, they are parked at the side of the road and Lucero is try-y-y-ying to get Cooper to taste what Lucero’s eating.  Cooper admits that the scene of the butchering has made him nauseated.  “Where do you think meat comes from?” Lucero asks.  Somewhat exasperated, Cooper responds,  “Supermarket.  In a styrofoam tray, wrapped in plastic.”  Heh.  I think a lot of us feel that way.  

Dewey, Cooper, and Lucero do a welfare check at the house of someone who makes mannequins and other body parts.  They investigate the place like 3 seven year-olds.  How cool is this?  Look at that.  Feel this.  Don’t touch that.  Ha!

Cooper and Lucero see a man and a woman fighting.  Turns out it’s a pimp (played by Patrick Swayze’s brother, Don) and his ho.  Cooper turns the search in to a game show, asking Lucero to guess what he’ll find in his search of the pimp.  Lucero’s guess is rewarded with household appliances and a trip to Puerto Rico.

Lydia and Ruben investigate the possible murder of the owner of the mannequins.  It looks like someone cut up his body and dumped him in a vat.  I assume there were chemicals in the vat as everyone was wearing protective gear and masks.  But it turns out the owner is not dead.  He had debts and drug dealers after him, so he decided to fake his own death.  He just didn’t count on his ditzy girlfriend turning him in.

There’s a theme with classic Mustangs this week.  Sammy and Ben talk to a kid who didn’t have the money to pay his meal at a restaurant.  Ben and the kid try to top each other’s knowledge of Mustangs.  Then the guy who tried to commit suicide and failed.  Twice.  One of the ways he tried was with a classic Mustang running in a closed garage.

Ben and Sammy chase some bank robbers through the streets.  The robbers start throwing money out of their SUV; forcing Ben and Sammy to slow way down due to all the people running into the streets to grab the money,  After chasing one of the robbers onto a subway train, Ben fights with the robber and finally subdues him.  He then wearily sits down and everyone just stares at him.  Well, everyone except the woman who warily comes down the aisle to get the money on the floor in front of Ben.  I wish he  had jumped and said, “Boo!” to the woman.  She would have probably peed her pants.

I have to say I love how Ruben interacts with Lydia.  He tells her what he thinks and tells her she doesn’t have to listen to him.  He doesn’t say it in a condescending or know-it-all manner.  He just lays it out there and she can do whatever she wants with his opinion.

So Coop sets up a row of empty bottles.  That he has several available is very telling.  With the slingshot, he aims, shoots, and shatters a bottle.  Which startles a laugh out of him.  And he thinks about the guy he took the slingshot from and realizes he got some feeling from doing that just like the suspect did.

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