Monday, March 25, 2013

SouthLAnd S5E6 Bleed Out

John Cooper has learned, in the streets of Los Angeles, a single step can separate life and death.

And once again we’re treated with an anvil to the head with Lydia’s storyline.  At the beginning of the show she has Christopher sleeping in the bed with her and guess what case she and Ruben are working.  A co-sleeping/SIDS investigation.  Sigh.  However, it was nice to see the respectful interaction between Lydia and Dewey.  Since the last time we saw them interact, she smashed his face.

Dewey is very calm and subdued in this episode.  Having a heart attack must have woken him up to his own mortality.  It won’t last.

Sammy has never been the smartest guy,  He lets his emotions rule and get him into trouble.  We’ve seen that behavior over and over.  So it comes as no surprise that he kept the camcorder, but told IA he threw it in the street.  He lets himself get worked up over the whole situation, then is unable to let it go to do his job.  And he brings Ben along with him (although Ben is fairly willing).  That tape is going to come back to haunt Sammy.  The lie about it will get him in trouble.  Cooper warned Ben about it in the pilot episode, “You don’t lie.  Lying is worse than an out-of-policy shooting.”

Ben is behaving in his usual slutty way.  Taking a shower with and promising Annie to go to dinner with her and her friends; then taking a shower with Carmen and hanging around with her in the evening instead.

John Cooper is everywhere in this episode.

First we see him and Lucero assisting another pair of cops with a suspect.  The suspect is being put in the back seat of the patrol car as Cooper and Lucero roll up.  The other pair of cops appear to be an FTO with a boot.  As everyone stands around talking about the incident, a shot is fired between all the cops, shattering a window.  Turns out the boot didn’t do a thorough search of the suspect.  Cooper gives the boot his trademark laser death ray glare.

Cooper and Lucero roll up to a scene where a naked man is yelling from where he’s been locked out on an apartment balcony.  They go to the apartment and a woman in very little clothes answers the door.  Cooper asks her to cover herself and she replies, “Why don’t you cover me, General Cooper?”  It turns out that their was a little S&M incident and while the guy was consensual for the sex, he wasn’t so much for the S&M play.  Cooper cuffs her (Your cuffs or mine?) to take her in and she finds this titillating.

Next Cooper comforts a woman who has been dragged beneath a bus.  He talks to her, calms her, and stays with her (“I’m not going anywhere”) until she is pulled from under the bus by paramedics.  Then he checks on her by phone later in the episode.

Cooper and Lucero confront a bloody man with a knife.  He’s walking around the backyard, sometimes walking toward them, sometimes backing off.  But he doesn’t drop the knife.  A young boy rides up on a bike, shouting, ‘Don’t hurt Mr Daniels!” and tries to prevent Cooper from shooting.  The appearance of the boy evidently calms the man as he drops the knife and gets on his knees as directed.

Cooper goes to Hicks’ boat and after searching, finds Hicks below deck on the john, very drunk.  Cooper helps him to bed and Hicks confesses that he almost ate his gun for dinner.  How do you respond to something like that?  And how do you leave him alone?  Cooper sits on the stairs, waiting.

I think Hicks is going to manage to kill himself.  That’s just one more thing Cooper will have to deal with this season.

Well, I just realized what a grim episode this was, despite it having a few laughs.

Fuck, this hurts, I won’t lie
Doesn’t matter how hard I try
Half the words don’t mean a thing
And I know that I won’t be satisfied
So I try ignoring him
Make it a dirt dance floor again
Say your prayers and stomp it out
When they bring that chorus in
I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away
I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away
I bleed it out, digging deeper just to throw it away
Just to throw it away, just to throw it away

- Linkin Park


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