Excerpt from the comments section of Lee Lofland's "Identity" review.  The actor who played invisible Crazy Bob describes the improvisation that occurs during the scene.    

Kirk says:

February 18, 2012 at 9:26 pm

A little Southland trivia from actor that played Crazy Bob scene in Identity episode, we improvised all of the ending of that scene. I started ranting random stuff, apple pie, soft hands, he can see me, etc and Michael and Lucy just followed. Plus the people you see taking pictures on the street corner were real tourists, not extras. We shot that scene at Hollywood and Vine.

Lee Lofland says:

February 18, 2012 at 10:58 pm

Kirk – Thanks for stopping by to share the trivia. Interesting to say the least. You played a very realistic part, by the way. In fact, I was sure I’d arrested you a few times during my career.


In S4E2, Ben and Sammy talk to a hooker on the street named Crystal. She gives them info on Day-Day so they wouldn't arrest her. She said Ronnie would beat her up if she got arrested. (but we never actually see ronnie)


In S4E8 when Ben and Sammy go into the house where all the hookers are - and where they run across the mom and daughter that Ben is so concerned about - Sammy walks into the room where everyone is sleeping to roust them out. He calls one of them by name - Crystal. And the pimp's name is Ronnie. He's the pimp for the mother and daughter and he's the one that was shooting at Ben in Episode 9.